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Conveyor Belts

A while ago I watched The Graduate, and then completely by chance a few days later I watched Jackie Brown. Now these are two films that I wouldn’t assume to have much in common, and so I was quite surprised … Continue reading

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Pianos or Metronomes

Ok, so maybe I was a little too harsh in my last post. Steve Reich got it right when he wrote piano phase, and it turns out that using 100 pianos really wouldn’t work (not to mention that a piece … Continue reading

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Pianos and Metronomes

Yesterday I went to a concert of piano music at the Cardiff University Concert Hall. It featured several postgraduate students playing an eclectic mix of 20th century music. The really unusual thing about this concert though, was that it also … Continue reading

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Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

The Oscar nominations for short animated film was always something of a non-catagory for me. I’d seldom heard of any of the titles, and even if I had, the chances of getting to see one were pretty slim. Occasionally, if … Continue reading

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wot iz a wurd prez?

So yes, I have a new wordpress account. Hopefully it will soon be overflowing with bloggy goodness! Although at this point I really can’t help but admit to the fact that it may fall into a dormant state of forgotten … Continue reading

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