Spotify Detritus

Over the last year or so of using spotify I’ve occasionally stumbled across music that I’ve liked enough to want to remember it, and listen to it again; but that I didn’t like enough to actually buy it.

The other day, for the first time ever, I listened to this random collection all the way through. It was actually quite a cool little playlist, very eclectic, and with a running order that lacked any coherent structure at all. I was quite surprised at just how many pieces of music I didn’t recognise, and still now have no idea where I came across them.

In one sitting the ‘next’ button will undoubtedly be your friend, as I say it is quite eclectic, but if you fancy a listen here it is: SpotifyDetritus.


About jackwestmore

Jack Westmore writes music for film, television and media, and is currently based in Cardiff in the UK.
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