27th Nov 2011

Photograph Copyright of Mei Lewis @ Mission Photographic

On Tuesday LoveStruck was broadcast on BBC2 Wales and is now available on BBC iplayer here. We also have a website for LoveSturck up now, which has lots more info about the film, lovestruckfilm.co.uk.

(extract from the score to LoveStruck, hear on soundcould)

I recently I went to the Newport International Film Festival too. I was there on behalf of Queensbury Rules, a film I’d worked on which was being screened. It was a nice event and I saw some great other films there, the feature film Mother’s Milk stands out, and there was a great musical comedy short called Sudden Death, which felt like its destined for great viral video success, once its finished the festival circuit.

I also managed to get round to seeing a few events in the Cardiff Soundtrack Festival last week. One highlight was a screening of Murnau’s Faust with a live semi-improvised score by the Guillemots. The music felt like an indie-rock interpretation of free improvisation, using a lot of static textures, lightly varying soundscapes to help create a continuous accompaniment for the full 2 hours. Faust is such a great film anyway, with special effects that look more impressive than the homogeny of CGI you get these days, but this live accompaniment really kept it feeling engaging all the way through.

About jackwestmore

Jack Westmore writes music for film, television and media, and is currently based in Cardiff in the UK.
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