20 Mar 2012 – More Film Festivals, More Concerts

Following up from my last post, at the Ffresh film festival Bubbles won the award for Best Fiction Short Film. Bubbles is being shown at the Screentest Festival too, which is on next week at the South Bank. Another film I worked on called The Howling of the Lamb also got into Screentest in the SciFi/Fantasy category.

I also had a little time away recently, meeting with friends and family around Oxford and London.

Along the way I went to quite a few events at the Barbican for the BBC’s Total Immersion event about the Australian composer Brett Dean.

I also went to a trendy indie-classical concert which had a mixed-bag of music including a new work from Nico Muhly, as well as the premier of a Violin Concerto by the avant-pop singer/songwriter Owen Pallett. It was almost disappointing to discover that a few days after my visit I’d be missing another interesting crossover concert at the Barbican in a performance of works by Penderecki and Jonny Greenwood. Seeing a live performance of Threnody would make the concert worth it alone, but being a big Radiohead fan through my youth as well made this concert quite tempting.


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Jack Westmore writes music for film, television and media, and is currently based in Cardiff in the UK.
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