26th May 2012, Film Scores, Misplaced Inspiration

The other day I stumbles across this piece of music. It’s part of a larger score for a quirky short film that began production a while ago. The directors making it as a personal independent project, working on it in occasional gaps between professional work.

(hear clip on audioboo)

I was going to finish off this quick post by mentioning how I was partly inspired by some of Thomas Newman‘s music, and there was even a specific scene from Edward Scissorhands that was quite influential. So I started searching for these things to link to them in this post, but found both examples were completely different from how I’d remembered them…. So in stead I suppose I’ll just conclude that the act of simply trying to remember a Danny Elfman cue that would fit this film, was enough to give me a feel for the score I wanted to write, even if the scene I took inspiration from was nothing like how I’d imagined it…


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