29th September 2012, Buddha Boy, Film Festivals,

(Photograph Copyright Mei Lewis @ Mission Photographic)

I’ve recently been finishing work on a 10minute short film called Buddha Boy. It’s being made by the production company It’s My Shout in partnership with BBC Wales. This music clip below is an early sketch that didn’t make it into the final film but gives a feel for the overall score.

Lots of behind the scenes pictures have recently been uploaded to facebook, you can check them out here. The film will be broadcast later in the year on BBC2 as part of this year’s Made in Wales series. I worked on that series last year as well for the film LoveStruck (more info about that here).

One year on LoveStruck is still doing quite well though. As well as being screened in the film festivals in Berlin and Sydney mentioned in my last post, it’s also been accepted into the Screen Stockport Film Festival, and the Colchester Film Festival, both on next month.

And finally Queensbury Rules also got another nominations, for the Van d’Or awards as part of the Cannes in a Van indie festival.

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