Buddha Boy and Made In Wales Awards

I recently went to a premier event at the Wales Millennium Centre for a short film I composed for called Buddha Boy. The film is one of six shorts that were made for a BBC series called Made In Wales, in partnership with It’s My Shout – an organisation that selects emerging talent from across Wales to help them progress in their careers. At this event they premiered each of the films and then had an awards ceremony afterwards as well.

Buddha Boy managed to win the Best Film award, as well as our director Sarah Bickerton picking up the award for Best Director. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to recreate last year’s success with music, as the Best Composition award this year quite deservedly went to Joseph Roberts for The Mob – a film which relied heavily on music, not least for its large musical show-stopper at the end, which must have been very work intensive.

The Made In Wales series began being broadcast last Thursday and will now continue weekly. Buddha Boy will be broadcast on Thursday 29th Nov, at 11.20pm on BBC2 Wales. All the films really were great, and  the quality of this series really does seem to grow year on year. They’ll be available on BBC iplayer as well, and are all worth checking out.


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Jack Westmore writes music for film, television and media, and is currently based in Cardiff in the UK.
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