Gadael Sneggi, S4C clic, bbc iplayer

A few days ago my first welsh language short film Gadael Sneggi was broadcast on S4C (the alternative to channel 4 we have in Wales). It’s now available on S4C catch up service here (and subtitles are available too). There was also an interview with our director Mared Swain and writer and Ciron Gruffydd, on the primetime chat-show Heno. Again this is now available to watch on line here (although the subtitles on that aren’t so great if you don’t speak any Welsh).

Below is an extract from the soundtrack. It’s a cue from quite near the end and is the most tender music I wrote for the film. The film itself is essentially a child-friendly, ghost chiller, so a lot of the soundtrack is swooshy noises and eerie strings; this music is what you might refer to as ‘the love theme’, except (as it is after all a ghost story) its not a particularly happy romantic resolution.

Also, Say It (an English 10minute short I composed for) is still available on bbc iplayer for a few more weeks here.


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Jack Westmore writes music for film, television and media, and is currently based in Cardiff in the UK.
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