It’s My Shout Documentary, bbc iplayer, S4C

Tomorrow evening 17th December, at 11.20pm on BBC2 Wales there will be a 30minute behind-the-scenes documentary on It’s My Shout and this year’s Made in Wales series and features some of my music. More info here.

Also, my first Welsh-language film Gadael Sneggi is still available for about another week to watch on S4C’s catch up service here (and it does have subtitles too).

Hope everyone has a nice relaxing time over the Christmas period! Am feeling very Christmasy now as recently returned form a nice little weekend away in Bruges with the wife. Needless to say most of our family and friends will be getting Belgian chocolates for Christmas this year.



About jackwestmore

Jack Westmore writes music for film, television and media, and is currently based in Cardiff in the UK.
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