19 August 2014

The other day I was driving along listening to radio 4, when I was quite surprised to hear an old uni friend being quoted as an expert academic. Quite a few years ago I did a masters in Soundtrack Production at Bournemouth University, and on that course I met Kirstie Hewlett. I later discovered she was not only featured on this documentary, but also wrote it, and it was largely based on her PhD.

The documentary’s called Learning to Listen, and is available on the bbc iplayer. It’s about the advent of the home radio at the beginning of the twentieth century, and how people got used to having music in their homes, spatially removed from the musicians creating it. It’s very much worth a listen, even if you’re not into music or sound production.

Or if you’d just fancy something less academic, then here’s James Brown in a Japanese miso soup advert from the early 90s:

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