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20th Aug 2010

Just a breif update post. My friend Lee Mottram will be playing in a concert on the 7th of September at St Marys Church Tenby. He’ll be performing a piece I wrote for him a few years ago called Kinetic, … Continue reading

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Duelling Carls

Want to imitate some Alvin Lucier from the comfort of your own home?! – There’s an app for that! Ok, a cartoon character imitating sounds in a high pitched voice isn’t exactly the same as Lucier’s I Am Sitting in … Continue reading

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Aberystwyth, Zimmer and Swooshs

Last week I spent some time at Aberystwyth MusicFest which I’ve been to many times before and is always lots of fun. I also got around to seeing Inception a few days ago, which I felt managed to live up … Continue reading

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